WordPress Multi-blog and Notepad++ FAIL

One thing MT was a lot better at was support for multiple blogs, because it was designed with this in mind from early on. To enable multiple blog administration and creation from a single installation of WP takes a bit more work (multi-blog was only integrated[and rather half-assedly at that] in the most recent version of WordPress, v3.0). In fact, it had me tearing my hair out when I found out the only way to enable new blog creation in subdirectories (instead of subdomains) was to uninstall WordPress entirely and start all over…

So I did that, and started getting funky php errors when I modified the wp-config file per the codex instructions. It took me two cycles of re-installation and 90 minutes of pure frustration until I got suspicious of my text editor. Until now, Notepad++ has been my lightweight editor of choice. Unfortunately, it seems a recent upgrade (v5.7) somehow affected quality and it was somehow corrupting the php file I was working on, which was returning an error in my browser.

Everything is all better now. From now, I’ll be setting up Adam’s blog, plus anybody else who wants one here. That’s another nice thing – I used to have Adam and I set up on Movable Type, and everyone else on Blogger FTP accounts, but now it’s just a single platform for all.

Note: I liked Zemanta so much, I’ve installed the plug-in network-wide.