How to solve unsaved tabs error with Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome not saving tabs or sessions after a recent update, even after you’ve checked the appropriate box in the settings (“Continue where I left off”)?

Try disabling the Google Cloud connector in the advanced settings. It worked for me!


I’ve really tried to keep the design of this site pleasing and simple over most of its incarnations. It bugs me when I visit sites that have interesting content overlaid with shitty design and ads, so I’ve been using the Readability javascript for a long time (it currently exists as a Chrome plug-in). Simply stated, it simplifies pages, strips out extraneous crap, and makes them easier to read.

Readability has now launched as a subscription service, starting at $5 a month. I would pay for it if I browsed on my mobile more often, but $60 a month is a bit too much for me… I like the idea a lot, but I’m not willing to pay that much for it.

I’m very grateful they’re keeping free the Chrome plug-in around.