Bar No More

Mina went to an “English Camp” event at the Khon Kaen hotel a couple months ago. Nam’s family used to own the blue and beige buildings across the street from the hotel, but they sold them a few years back. It had been a bar or cowboy saloon of sorts for many years, then had sat in a state of disrepair for a while, an obvious eyesore in the neighborhood. It was good to see that the new owners fixed it up.

The blue banner with faded lettering has been there as long as I can remember (~20 years?) and it advertises NATENIGHT BAZAAR – but I can’t remember ever seeing the actual bazaar. I’ll have to ask Nam’s mom about it.


The girls alerted me to a meteor shower happening a couple months ago, so we drove to a nearby empty parking lot (MALIN PLAZA) and proceeded to take mediocre night photos with our phones.

The blue space invaders looking thingy above the white gas station sign (with the red/blue droplet logo) was a reflection from an unknown source that showed up in all my photos there — thanks, light pollution!