Crude/Elegant S-Video connector hack for solving B&W output on Nvidia graphic cards

The title basically sums it up. I think it’s really stupid that Nvidia hasn’t fixed the TV output issues for several years, through tens of driver upgrades. Anyway, I tore my hair out screwing around with the Nvidia Control Panel after upgrading to the newest GeForce drivers (175.16) completely killed my TV output. Downgrading to version 169.21 drivers restored output, but it was – you guessed it! – frustratingly devoid of any color.
I tried so many things to fix this, I don’t even want to remember it, so to make a long story short, if you have similar problems, try the hack described on these pages:

zero punctuation rules (so does zero capitalization)

If you don’t have an interest in games or recent game reviews, skip this post. I’ve already posted too many nerdy videos today; this may send you to the store in search of a GPS-enabled pocket protector for your Wii controller.
Basically, these two videos from the Escapist describe why I preferred Medal of Honor Airborne over Bioshock (and Hitler riding a robot tarantula would have made it even better):

“If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this video, please disable NoScript or AdBlock add-ons, or ensure that your browser’s security settings are set to enable JavaScript for videoegg.”

Yo, Grig.

Since it can’t get much nerdier around here than posting theremin videos, I might as well put this one out there as well: Has there ever been a game released based on the (awesome) 80’s movie, “The Last Starfighter?
Long answer: There were plans to release an arcade version with vector graphics like the Star Wars arcade game but this never got beyond early stages… (link to full history)
Short answer: Go download it
(thx kenji)

Half-Life 2 Screenshots

Just like CS:Steam, Half-Life 2 can be supremely entertaining by just shooting random shit and seeing how it reacts in the game’s physics. I’m making myself stop playing for the night, which is easier than it sounds.

CS: Source Beta

CS: Source is out! Counter-Strike on the HL2 engine! So far, only a fraction of the players are actually playing seriously, almost everyone is experimenting with the new physics enabled by this awesome engine. NVG goggles, as pictured here, got a serious power-up, as did flashbangs. No more of the screen just whiting out crap, now you get double/blurry vision and a screeeeching headache when you get flashed as well.
If you have a paid copy of Condition Zero, you qualify to beta test CS: Source. A tip: Join servers with a max capacity of 20 or under. If you don’t, prepare for serious lag. Either way, you’ll have lotsa fun plinking cans, barrels, and tires that are scattered around the map…. Speaking of which, I wonder when they’ll release aztec. Dust is getting kind of boring, and I want to see the water effects like they showed in the demo movies.