Pitaya BBQ Sauce

I tried making a barbecue sauce out of red dragonfruit at the end of last year. It was colorful and pretty tasty, but nothing is coming close to the mango BBQ sauce I like making every year during mango season.

3 thoughts on “Pitaya BBQ Sauce

  1. Does dragonfruit have any taste where you live? Out of curiosity, I bought one at a local grocery store here in seoul. It looked pretty enough, and when I cut into it, the inner flesh was gray and filled with poppy-seed-like black specks. But when I bit into the flesh, there was no taste whatsoever. Was I supposed to let the dragonfruit ripen or something, like with a freshly purchased avocado? Or was this just the wrong kind of dragonfruit? I know that some have pinkish insides, but I’ve never seen one of those up close.

  2. I guess the ones with pinkish insides are the red dragonfruit you wrote about. I assume those have some kind of flavor.

  3. The ones with white flesh are universally bland. The red (or pink/purple) fleshed ones can be pretty flavorful. The yellow ones are somewhere in between, maybe closer to white than red. All of them taste much better freshly picked.

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