Stewed Beef

I am a huge fan of stewed beef, and I love the texture of stewed meats in general. Nam’s friend from middle school opened a noodle shop near her university and we visited a while back.

It was so good. I’m also loving the camera on this used Pixel 6. I was shocked to find out that a local phone accessory shop could cut me a hydrogel screen film with their cutting machine. It had the specs for my phone in its memory, along with thousands of other models I could see.

Maps Link: Racha Stewed Beef

6 thoughts on “Stewed Beef

  1. I hate to be rude, but I really, really hope that’s not a hair at about 3:30 in the top photo and around 6:00 in the bottom photo! Then again, hey, more protein!

    Aside from that, the food looks as delicious as you say.

  2. Is that a 5 spice stew? Reminds me of Vietnamese beef stew, especially with that gelatinous connective tissue. It may be time to break out the red wine and baguette…

      1. Maybe with some additional Thai herbs as well, lemongrass and whatnot. I can’t really remember it too well. Gotta go again, I guess.

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