Tong Peng

At the beginning of our trip to Hua Hin last week, we boarded a plane for the first time since the pandemic started, and flew into Don Mueang. Nam’s older sister picked us up and we went to see a van we would pick up on the back end of our trip and have lunch. She took us to Tong Peng, a family-oriented Chinese restaurant in the Chok Chai area of Bangkok, south of Lad Prao.

As a sidenote, it feels good to blog about travels again – it’s been too long.

I’m always a sucker for roast ducks and meats on display.

So, no screwing around – the roast duck on rice was good but not great. The sauce/gravy was too sweet and… fruity.

Shu mai, yes! Delicious!

Pork + quail eggs + shiitake = Yes, I ate both.

Included to document the Saran-wrapped chopsticks that were legit a pain to unwrap.

The crispy pork was a visual disaster with the same fruity sauce. It tasted, again, disappointingly good, and not great.

“Tong Peng”

Included for future ordering purposes – we will be here again, but for something else, maybe a family dinner.

Google Maps link: Tong Peng ภัตตาคารตงเพ้ง

1 thought on “Tong Peng

  1. I think Koreans would pronounce Tong Peng as “joong pyeong,” i.e., China Peace. China Peace is certainly a nice thought… but then you look at what’s happening in Shanghai, with people trapped in apartment buildings and screaming out of their windows, and you have to ask, How is this different from North Korea? (It’s different because the Chinese are actually allowed to scream.)

    I hope Thailand is treating you all fairly well in the era of COVID. Korea is slowly, tentatively, relaxing into a living-with-COVID posture, which will probably mean the retention of the stupid mask policy, but most of the vaccine-pass nonsense has been stripped away.

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