Rat Sushi

New Years celebration at Phra Tat Nadun in Maha Sarakham, about 45 mins. from home

This is one of the last photos I took on an outing before COVID lockdown. I checked, but they weren’t actually serving rodents of any kind, so we can chalk this one up to interesting Asian naming.

2 thoughts on “Rat Sushi

  1. Interesting to see that, even in Thailand, they use the same faux-Japanese-looking font that we use in the States to convey exotic Japanese-ness.

    Could “rat” be zodiac-related? One site says of rat-sign people: “… quick-witted, resourceful, and smart, but lack[ing] courage.”

    1. The font thing, yeah. Only for Japanese and Chinese signs and ads, though.

      About the naming, I have no idea. I have an interesting factoid though: “rat” means “rhinoceros” in Thai.

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