Popanpittayakhom Rajamangkhalabhisek School

The name of my student’s high school as revealed in her self introduction last week. I can’t immediately find it on Google, though. So I guess this post will come up as the first result from now on.

2 thoughts on “Popanpittayakhom Rajamangkhalabhisek School

  1. Thai names are so damn long. In the 90s, I had a student in one of my high-school French classes surnamed Charupaisankit. (I don’t want to give out her first name to make her too Google-able.) Later in life, I worked for a company called C2 Education, which had been founded by two Asian-American dudes. The Korean one had the surname Kim (of course), and the Thai one had the surname Narangajavana.

    Why, Jesus? WHY? Are Thai surnames like certain African family names, i.e., they contain a family history that is ritually recited at certain times of the year?

    1. Long names were/are considered cool, that’s all. Almost every Thai has a (usually shorter) nickname, too.

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