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  1. Are you experimenting with blog templates? The look keeps changing.

    This video makes me think that a bunch of taekwondojang across the country got bored and came up with this idea. But, no: taekwondo doesn’t teach much “nakbeop” (i.e., falling techniques*); that’s more in line with hapkido. The kicks, though, all look pretty Korean. I did visit the video on YouTube to see the writeup, and I see it’s a bunch of “cascadeurs” (Fr., “stuntmen”), which explains all the spinning in the air and all the precise falling through pre-cut furniture. Cool.

    *The “eo” in “nakbeop” is somewhere between an English “uh” and “aw” sound, i.e., between “knock-bup” or “knock-bawp.” “Beop” is the Korean pronunciation of “法.”

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