3 thoughts on “Where are you, Saipan?

  1. OK… so am I to understand that I was just watching a guy? Or is this some really clever audio editing in the same spirit as that BS YouTube video about the cat with the super-deep meow? I freely admit that I do not understand Thailand at all.

      1. Thailand seems so much more evolved than the States when it comes to the whole sex/gender thing. In the States, people are still haggling over goddamn pronouns. In Thailand, it’s more, “F-ck that—let’s dress up and go!”

        Yeah, I have no experience whatsoever with—what’s the term—ladyboy culture. (Is that offensive? I’m not trying to be offensive.) In Korea, everything is still very sexually conservative. There’s definitely a trans community, though, along with the rest of the LGBT rainbow, but it’s all fairly muted. Years ago, one trans person named Harisu (transitioned from cis-male to female via surgery & hormones) was popular for a while, but mainly as something of a sideshow freak. Most Koreans would rather ignore the issue. Of course, I’m not at all familiar with the seedier side of Itaewon culture, so there could be way more going on than what I’m alluding to. I really don’t know.

        Anyway, the video was hilarious. And yeah, I’ll have to give “Thigh-land” a visit. (Thank you, Zach Galifianakis.)

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