We bought Covid 19 insurance

Many insurance companies started offering it in Thailand from about last week, and the rates are similar. We just have the lowest tier of coverage, which starts at about 250 baht (one time payment) and covers up to 200,000 baht in medical expenses for a year. The higher tiers cover about double that.

I have to go pick up Max in Washington state in a couple months, so it seemed prudent. I looked at air tickets last night, and the transit countries (Japan, Korea, China, etc.) are all hot zones, except for Taiwan. So, hopefully Taiwan stays safe and I can use Eva Air. But who knows how all this will turn out. Fucking pandemics, man. Really inconsiderate.

2 thoughts on “We bought Covid 19 insurance

  1. Washington state has the highest number of deaths in US so far, so make sure to keep an eye on travel notifications/quarantine status here., too (I’ve a feeling int’l travel is more scrutinized than domestic at this point). Still, we’re not worried, and other than weirdos stockpiling TP and bottled water at CostCo, all seems pretty normal. I have booked four flights over the next three months (flights are SUPER cheap between US states right now), which should tell you how worried I am. 😉

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