Poco F1 + Google Camera

I bought a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 in September of 2018 and it’s basically been my main since then. Aside from sensitivity issues when typing with both thumbs, it’s been a really excellent phone. Besides offering flagship specs for 1/3 the price of an equivalent Samsung, the camera is top notch. A couple months ago, I got it into my head to try a custom ROM, but ended up just installing the Google Camera apk instead. It’s been fun. Here’s a couple of shots after sundown last night, one in normal mode and one in night mode, both shot unsupported:

You can click through a couple times for the original size photos.

2 thoughts on “Poco F1 + Google Camera

  1. Always great images on your site.

    So when’s the coffee-table book coming out?

    Your pics sometimes remind me of photos by a guy named Nash Severance, whom I worked with during the 2013-14 academic year, down in hot, humid Daegu. Nash was much more of a photographer than a teacher, but I could see from his many pics that he’s lived an interesting life. As have you and your fam!

    Keep those pics a-comin’.

    1. Wow, thanks! I can’t even be bothered to carry a camera anymore… My stuff is all early digital camera age, and I couldn’t afford to keep up with it with kids. But luckily, camera phones have evolved to a point where I’m happy to snap away, which is kind of the point anyway.

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