State of the Art Wetsuit

Most of the comments I’ve seen about this on YouTube and embedded sites are either great praise (well-deserved), or are questions about the black thong/panties. So with no further ado, this is an explanation for them:

It’s kind of a clever design because it’s so distinctive and bothers so many people! I kind of doubt there would be so many complaints if the diver was female…

Hmm, it doesn’t stand out so much on the gray suit.

1 thought on “State of the Art Wetsuit

  1. Quite crotchalicious.

    The explanatory video laid out the function of the crucial part of the wet suit, but not why that particular naughty, look-at-my-genitals color scheme was chosen. I think the designers could’ve made that less conspicuous.

    I liked the French video, though; I’m wondering whether that final scene was in Nice. The seaside looked vaguely familiar to me; I spent a month studying in Nice in 1989.

    Wow. Thirty years ago. A whole ‘nother life.

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