The only real way to experience true crap coffee flavor!

The most expensive coffee in the world is being produced at the elephant camp we take the kids to almost every new year, on the way to Surin province: World’s Priciest Coffee Is Hand-Picked From Elephant Dung

So here’s my prediction: What started as civet crap coffee and moved to elephant crap coffee will eventually result in the production of human crap coffee. Because, let’s be honest, Kopi Luwak can reportedly be very smooth (the ones I tried were not), but most people drink it because it’s something new and exotic, and because they secretly want to be like the baboon.

2 thoughts on “INSERT ANIMAL NAME – Crap coffee

  1. re: animal “crap” as sign of quality

    A British coworker of mine, who lived in Thailand briefly and learned some words and phrases, said the Thai term “krep” often gets tacked on to the ends of sentences to indicate praise. Troo?

  2. It’s not really praise, it’s just polite.

    “Krup/ka” are the polite way to end sentences and reflect the gender of the speaker. Men end a sentence with “krab,” while women end it with “ka .”

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