I’m on a kick looking for BGM tonight, because I need to start writing chapters 4 & 5 of my master’s dissertation tomorrow. I will be aided by my trusty steed, Dragon Naturally Speaking and all of these badass beats. Sometimes Lofi radio on YouTube gets old…

And speaking of steeds, I’m planning selling my trusty CRF250M to help pay off Max’s upcoming trip to the states… Which looks likes it’s really gonna happen.

2 thoughts on “Delfonific!

  1. Didn’t know you were dissertating and that Max was being launched across the pond to Amrikistan to… do what? Live there? Study there? Both?

    Anyway, good luck with Chapters 4 and 5. What’s the thesis of your thesis?

    1. He’s very keen on trying out school in the states, so we are probably going to send him in a couple months… We’re just very surprised he’s so set on going at his age (10). Gotta let him grow up sometime, though.

      I’m doing research on Thai nicknames, and it’s a blast… Please fill out the last of my surveys if you have a few minutes:
      Thai Nicknames Survey for Native English Speakers

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