Thai K-Pop Parody

Mad camera talent and editing have created the only acceptable form of K-Pop… Deksorkrao vs. Blackpink

2 thoughts on “Thai K-Pop Parody

  1. Parody… or tribute? The exactness of the choreography leaves me wondering. I’m also creeped out by little girls sexy-dancing.

    So what does “Deksorkrao” mean?

  2. The creator didn’t specify either way, but you’re right – it doesn’t feel like it was done as parody so much as tribute.

    For me, this dancing was pretty tame compared to a lot of other recent stuff, including beauty pageants like back in the states, or drunken festival dancing here in SEA.

    Dek = children (in Thai language)
    Sorkrao = country, as in “out in the sticks” (in Cambodian)

    So the name, at least, pokes some fun at the targeted band who appears as “hi-so” and exotic.

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