The Curse of RSS

Looks like I get to play my one of my favorite games again: Note the passing of another free RSS reader, not have the will to protest its disappearing, and halfheartedly look for another free replacement.

Yay Reddit and Facebook, you win again!

Google+, don’t even look at me, man. Your cousin Google Reader was twice the social network you’ll ever be, and it wasn’t even a social network.

5 thoughts on “The Curse of RSS

  1. I’m still on clunky old Blogger, but Blogger, at least, seems to have its own RSS feed, which works fine for my purposes. This is how I keep in touch with your updates, at least.

    I realize that Blogger is considered training-wheels level by most sophisticated folks, but it serves my simple needs just fine. The service improved radically when Google took it over years ago.

    So… why not switch over to Blogger? (I kid, I kid.)

    1. I started out on Blogger in y2k and maintained several friends’ blogs on it (publishing to my domain) even after I moved my own site to MT, because it was easier to use. Unfortunately, Google killed the FTP publishing function in 2010, which coincided with a lot of service hiccups on blogspot. This made it useless for people who wanted to publish to their own domain, so that was it for me.

      Actually, I only use an RSS reader for five or ten minutes every day to check for updates an ever-dwindling number of blogs in my reading list. It’s probably like when radio was being supplanted by TV after WWII. Although in that analogy, we are already firmly in the 80’s.

  2. For what it’s worth, inoreader has worked out pretty well for me since Google Reader went away. It even uses the same j/k shortcuts for quickly moving through articles. I might move to a paid feedbin subscription because of all the filtering it offers, but I haven’t yet.

  3. Another Inoreader fan here. That’s were I read this post. Replaced my Feedly even though I bought a lifetime Pro membership from them. Does an adept job of handling my thousands of feeds and filtering out the crap.

  4. Thanks for that, guys! I was comparing inoreader and News Blur, so your recommendations helped me decide. I’ve gone full spectrum in this decision in the past also trying feedly, The Old Reader, NetNewsWire, and a couple others. Some of them probably aren’t around anymore.

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