Cat is Growing, or, Growing a Cat

The Donut
The Donut

Mina renamed it. Cat is now known as Donut, although it still doesn’t listen to a goddamn word I say. This is why I like dogs. I generally don’t really care for cats, but they seem to be attracted to anywhere I move in the world, leaving litters of kittens on my every doorstep, and never listening to a goddamn word I say. Dammit.

2 thoughts on “Cat is Growing, or, Growing a Cat

  1. Dear Mina:

    Once upon a time,
    a cat looked at the moon and declared:
    “I wanna eat that. I wanna eat all of it.”
    A passing mouse heard this and laughed.
    “Are you crazy?” shouted the mouse. “You can’t eat the moon!”
    So the cat ate the mouse instead.
    And the mouse was soooo delicious that the cat
    forgot all about eating the moon.


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