Star Wars Magic

It’s one in the morning and we all just got back from seeing Star Wars, in English, three minutes from our house in Sarakham. That was pretty special. Overall, I liked it, and Max did, too. It was a little bit loud and scary for Mina (she’s only six).

A couple of notes:

  • I didn’t like the opening shot (it looked like crappy cgi)
  • It felt very Lord of the Rings-ish at times
  • I appreciated some of the atmospheres and small details like screen wipes that evoked the crudeness of the original
  • The girls were disappointed that Kylo wasn’t handsome
  • Fuck, I’m old.
  • Star Wars got its mojo back

1 thought on “Star Wars Magic

  1. Really special that you all got to enjoy Star Wars, even before we did, and glad to know it’s got the mojo back! Saw “In the Heart of the Sea” with Mika yesterday and really enjoyed it, even if the CGI effects were a little too awesome.
    I wonder how old you were when you first saw Star Wars? Remember how I used to go early to purchase tickets for you and stand in those long lines so you could get good seats? Yes, I too feel way old now!

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