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  1. So, I was very wrong in my guess. I’m sorry to hear about the funeral, but it seems that the ceremony celebrated both endings and beginnings, since these are always linked in life. Congratulations to you both on ordination, even though (or maybe because) it happened in conjunction with such a solemn occasion.

    1. I forgot that I didn’t mention Nam’s dad’s stroke and passing here. It was all rushed and posted to Facebook/LINE, even the majority of invitations.

      Your instincts were correct, this is a very Thai/Theravada tradition of offering up an odd (as in even/odd) number of males to serve as novices on the last day to make merit and ensure the smooth passage of the deceased to heaven (insofar as such a place can exist if no one hears it fall in the forest et al.). Usually it lasts days or a week, but ours was only for a day. Specifically, from 9 to 5 yesterday, although in what was also typically Thai fashion, the guys in charge of taking us to the ordination temple on the edge of town (different from the 8-day venue) wanted to eat first and our experience as novices started two hours later than planned. It was a meaningful experience, which I will have to recount later. However, I will divulge that it answered two burning questions I had about monks, namely: “Do they wear underwear?,” and, “Is there any guy talk when you are hanging out with monks?”

  2. Please pass along my sincerest condolences to Nam. I know what it’s like to lose a parent, so I feel for her. Best thing in such situations isn’t flowery words—it’s just a simple hug. Please give her a big hug from me. I’m very, very sorry for her loss. And a few hugs go to you and the kiddies, too.

  3. Beautiful, meaningful ordination for you and Max. Hope all of you and especially Nam are able to flow on with this part of your family’s journey through life. And much good luck getting packed and ready to fly over with the kids for a totally different sort of family gathering!

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