Nam assembling lunch


…using precut nori patterns she found in Japan on her last trip. Max used to not like eating rice, so this was a ploy to get him interested in it. As it turned out, telling him it would make him as fast as a ninja was the best motivator.

The soup at the top is similar to something we’ve had in Japan and Korea before. In Thai, it’s called “gaeng joot,” literally a plain soup.

4 thoughts on “Nam assembling lunch

  1. Cute! This reminds me of the bento lunches mom used to pack for us. I wish mom would pack a bento lunch with rabbit-shaped nigiri for me, these days… Along with a piece of fruit I could swap for a foil-wrapped Ding Dong.

    1. My bento making days of yore were fraught with others of your siblings being embarrassed or teased about “foreign lunches”, but only because this was before Breakfast Club movie was out!

  2. Want some Japanese cooking utensils for kyara-ben? I will be in Bangkok on the 9th August. If you want something I can bring for you. This time I have no time to reach to Sarakham. So I will send it from the post office in the Bangkok int’l airport.

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