Until Game of Thrones starts again…

…House of Cards Season 2 and True Detective are the best recent shows on television. Fact.

7 thoughts on “Until Game of Thrones starts again…

  1. Thanks! I still have “Wired” saved on my external hard drive, just in case we hit a dry spell!
    We’re finishing up “Justified” on Netflix discs, just to satisfy those weird hillbilly urges to shoot something….:)

    1. If you’re the president, you can just request advance copies, apparently.

      For expats, there are three dependable routes: torrent (I like eztv.it + kickass torrents + piratebay), Usenet, and file sharing forums like http://bolt.cd linking to free download sites (used best with downloading soft like Jdownloader). I personally like the first option (Usenet connection is unstable here), but it was even better in Japan with hikari. If you’re worried, use a proxy and seedbox combo on private sites only, and you should have a minimum of problems, but even that is unnecessary at this point in time. Especially since we ONLY DOWNLOAD LEGAL TORRENTS.

  2. Hmmm…President, eh? I’d better start campaigning.

    A lot of pals in Japan have grabbed a VPN and NetFlix accounts. That’s all the rage these days. The whole downloading craze seems to have subsided a bit. Popcorn Time FTW!

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