Neither Washington nor Colorado

Just say woe
Just say woe

Forty years of failed US drug policy has culminated in my daughter wearing what appears to be an anti-hemp headband in her preschool parade in Thailand… A country where you can buy marijuana-seasoned chicken soup (not easily, but still), but where possessing it can get you all kinds of ganked, gaffled, or even shot by the police, all thanks to US drug policy.

In fairness, there were also anti-drinking, -smoking, and -injecting headbands worn by other kids, and the only thing frowned upon among those by Theravada Buddhism is the alcohol. That’s why Buddhism is so fucking cool – in a place with such high road fatalities due to DUI, it actually makes sense!

1 thought on “Neither Washington nor Colorado

  1. That’s so funny! We were just joking around while enjoying chorizo con huevos in crisp quesadillas at breakfast and your brother says to your Auntie M, “Hey, let’s all go visit your sister in Colorado and take a magic bus ride! I think your glaucoma is acting up and you need medical marijuana!”
    Of course, Auntie M does not have glaucoma but for some reason, your dad and brother thought this was a very funny idea.
    I forgot to ask your brother what a magic bus ride is….something you both saw on Sesame Street or Reading Rainbow or something???

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