TKD Generations

So Max and Mina have been taking Tae Kwon Do classes for a couple months now, and recently passed their yellow belt tests. Watching them develop during their daily sessions (6 days a week) really brings back a lot of memories. See if you can spot why:

Max (5 years old):

Mina (3 years old):

Daddy (11 years old?):

Auntie Mika (9 years old?):

Uncle Adam (7 years old?):

Auntie Merin (5 years old?):

Grand Master Yong Shin (our idol):

The Dynamic Duo:

8 thoughts on “TKD Generations

  1. 1—2—3—aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!

    Did you show these photos, past and present, to your kids? Do you think they got a sense of continuity and tradition from seeing the series of images and understanding the ways in which you guys are all connected? Even though I’m generally good with kids, I have none of my own, so I admit I often can’t fathom how their minds work.

    That final photo is interesting because Max and Mina, who both know intuitively how to “sell it” to the camera, normally adopt distinctively masculine and feminine poses, respectively—but in this pic they’re in more or less standard TKD guard positions. I can kind of see them straining to do their usual macho/girly shtick, but they’re restricted by the standard nature of the TKD stance. That just makes the photo all the more cute.

  2. Where’s your TKD pic? You really enjoyed Master Shin’s expert guidance!
    Cool seeing my 4 kids and your 2 babes in TKD gear!
    Thanks for a nostalgic post!

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