Thailand’s True Move H APN settings for internet


So basically create a new APN with the following settings:


APN: internet

User name: true

Password: true

MMC: 520

MNC: 00

APN type: internet

Personally, I think anyone using MMS in this day and age should just give up and go back to using a typewriter, so I won’t cover that.

You can find device-specific info on the True page from which I borrowed the above graphic:

True seems dedicated to the curious corporate tactic of changing the location of any helpful information on their website every few months, to the point where I can no longer find it. Anyway, the settings described above are still valid as of February 27, 2014.

10 thoughts on “Thailand’s True Move H APN settings for internet

    1. Did you subscribe to a True H data plan and activate it?

      After setting the APN, try restarting your device and let it sit for a few minutes.

      Disable WiFi and enable mobile data (specifically for your True SIM card if you have dual SIM device) in Android. Try restarting again.

      The surest way to get it working (if you can’t figure it out yourself) is to take it to a True service center; they’ll be happy to do it for you.

      Good luck!

  1. I’m thinking my phone may not have the right frequency.
    How do I subscribe to a plan? And how do I activate? The SIM came with 20Mb of data.

    1. You need to determine if your phone can use mobile internet with TRUE or not. Setting an APN as described in this post is a couple of steps down the line. Without knowing the exact model of your phone and SIM, I cannot help you. However, the staff at a TRUE service center can – please take your phone to them and they will let you know what’s up.

    1. I’m pretty sure the E indicates you are NOT using 3G. Make sure your phone can use the correct 3G frequency for your cellular network (check the phone specs against TRUE/DTAC/1-2 CALL/AIS/etc. specs), or it will use 2G by default. That happened to me with my old Desire HD – it didn’t have the right radio to use DTAC 3G.

  2. Dear True Move H.
    Last time I was in Thailand, my girlfriend bought a new phone for me. She bought a True Beyond 3G, and they told her that I could use it in Denmark when I came home. In Thailand I was very happy for my phone, but when I came home to Denmark and put my Danish Sim card in my phone, I couldn’t get connection. I have found out that my phone is Sim locked.
    I really hope you can help me. I send you the numbers from my phone.
    Model: True Beyond 3 G
    S/N number: 5933321350663383
    IMEI number: 860705026633837
    SW number: 593332 8771 V1062
    I really hope you can help me. Please send me the code, so I can unlock (open) my phone, to my e-mail.
    I have attach 2 pictures from my phone
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.
    John Sau

  3. Hi Team,

    Iam using COOLPAD NOTE3 Lite.
    currently iam using 2 True move H Sims in Thailand.
    One is working fine, But for second SIM i can’t see APN Settings.
    For my mobile i can’t add or edit APN Settings,it need to come Automatically.
    For SIM1 it’s came automatically, i don’t know how it is not for SIM2.
    i interchanged both SIMS also, but problem shows same SIM. SO there is no mobile slot issues.

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