Thailand TESOL International Conference 2013

I’ll be running a 45-minute workshop tomorrow at this year’s Thai TESOL Conference entitled, “Using Technology to Aid in Teaching Oversized ESL Classes.” This is the first time I’m attending the conference, and I decided if I was going to pay the stiff entry fee, I was at least going to have some fun with it. I talked to a few people today who have been repeatedly turned down as presenters, so I guess I was lucky to be accepted. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Thailand TESOL International Conference 2013

    1. Yeah, that’s kinda the focus. But flipped classroom started out as meaning “recorded lesson” based, I was suggesting live extensions of lessons via Google+ and Hangouts.

      1. Might as well – I think there’s a lot of potential for students to learn more through collaboration with chat, hangout, docs, etc.

          1. Looks like our work has a lot of overlap as far as using Google suite and internet-based collaboration stuff. Let’s chat. I have some resources that may be interesting, and coworkers who do a lot of this as well.

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