7 thoughts on “Xmas 2012

  1. Whoa… is that a unicorn with a horn on its nose, like a rhinoceros? A rhinocorn?

    The Christmas shark is cool, too. I imagine it leaves presents for all the good swimmers and simply eats the bad swimmers. In the name of the Baby Jesus, of course.

    Gotta say, your kids have absolutely no confusion over their gender roles. In every photo I’ve seen, Max strikes strong, masculine (often combative) poses and Mina unfailingly puts on her Dainty Face, cocks her head, and radiates cherubic cuteness. They’re both adorable, and they’re both so, so camera-ready. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they’ve been on TV, or are going into TV-related careers.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to dress them up in those killer costumes! What perfect shots. They absolutely capture Max and Mina’s essence but we all know that behind baby girl’s dainty cuteness is a powerful fist of steel!

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