2 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit Tart

  1. I’m trying to identify the fruit corpses. A little help, maybe? I see strawberry (front and center), kiwi (hiding in the back), mandarin orange (scrunched in the middle like a moody toddler in a compact car)… I think I see a lychee fruit (back, left; they always remind me of eye sockets), and is that huge dark lump a blackberry?! Can those other fruits possibly be apple and coconut? I really can’t tell.

    1. I can’t remember what the lychee-like thing was (Nam ate most of this thing), but the pointy apex was an apple slice and the broad shavings were actually white chocolate, not coconut. There was a custard patty on the bottom as well, which is under the strawberry. The crust was a total fail, though – flavorless and doughy instead of firm or flaky.

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