You know that feeling?

The one where you want someone else to see all the cool clouds floating by exactly the way you see them, but they just look up for a second and say, “yeah, cool?” That shit used to make me sad, but then I realized that clouds aren’t as cool when you’re holding bubbles, and you don’t hold bubbles as much when you’re older.

3 thoughts on “You know that feeling?

  1. That’s because those are your own kids and you’re a boring grownup now! If you were a far-away talented, creative Uncle or an extraordinarily talented and beautiful Auntie of those remarkable children, you would still be able to see the magic in the morphing of clouds and bubbles. But best of all, when you finally become a GRAND parent, you will delight in looking up, pointing to the clouds and exclaiming over the fluffy dragons, heinous demons, happy bunnies and crazy faces in the sky! You will embarrass your children who might wonder, “Doesn’t she know how loud and silly she looks?” and you will not care at all because you’re bubbling up in Joy and Laughter!

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