I pity all the Star Wars fans that died before they could see the great stuff on the internet.

South China Brand Sewing Machine

A close friend of ours has bought an antique foot pedal-type sewing machine that had been converted to motorized belt drive to use for her alterations side business. She got it for about 600 Baht (less than $10), and I would have bought it for that much just to use as a lawn ornament.

I’ve never heard of this brand, but for all I know there are a million out there.

“…credible and meaningful in foreign cultures.”

The university where I teach, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham, used to be a teacher’s training college. My uni is just one Rajabhat institute of about 40 spread all over Thailand, that were turned into universities by the king with something called the Rajabhat Act in 1995.¬†Therefore, when we clean up, move, or renovate offices and I see asset tags with “teacher’s college” or the like, I know I’ve found something at least 17 years old, and sometimes much older.

The last time somebody cleaned out a storage room on the 3rd floor, above my office on the 2nd floor, a bunch of cool old stuff was put out to be thrown away. I’ve started documenting what I’ve saved, and this is one of my coolest finds:


I’d never even heard of the¬†United States Information Agency before, and I can only assume that “U.S. Information Service” was an alternative name for the agency.


Now if I can only find a working 16mm film projector!

Mina in the lobby of a Cambodian Casino

New years day, 2012. It was our first trip to Cambodia. Casinos are always sad, but this one was even more so, packed full of dirty gambling addicts and their offspring. Why did we go? We were close to the border, at Nam’s grandmother’s house in Surin Province. We wanted to see it. Done. Never have to see a Cambodian casino again.