Honest answers

Q: “Max, why did you hit Mina?”
A: “She’s bad.”

Q: “Mina, why are you eating the whole drumstick, bone and all?”
A: “Hungry.”

Q: “Max, why don’t you want to go to school?”
A: “I want to watch Mickey Mouse.”

Q: “Mina, why did you pee on the bed?”
A: “No diaper.”

Q: “Max, what sound does a giraffe make?”
A: “No sound.”

Q: “Mina, do you love daddy?
A: “No!”
Q: “Daddy has ice cream. Do you love daddy?”
A: “Yes!”
Q: “Which do you love more, daddy or ice cream?”
A: “Ice cream!”
Q: “Wrong answer. Let’s try again, shall we? Daddy or ice cream?”


4 thoughts on “Honest answers

      1. When I was working at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, I had several married Korean women at the office tell me that they thought I’d make a great father. These days, I’m not so sure. My patience isn’t infinite, and while I’m fine with the kids I deal with, I wonder how short my fuse would be by the time I got home from a day of teaching. But, yeah– a kid of my own would be blog fodder for sure.

        You might enjoy the blogological stylings of one Lee Farrand, a Korean-Aussie adoptee who is going for his Ph.D. at Seoul National University. He recently became a dad, so his blog’s been taken over by some rather amusing kidblogging. Example here.

  1. Are you recording their baby-voices? It’d be cute to hear! ‘Specially if you can edit out the crying. Or not.

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