The Gecko Summoner

Mina has some kind of animal hoodoo. The other day she spotted a gecko on the ceiling (she loves watching them on the outside walls of the house but for them to be on the ceiling inside is pretty rare), and she screamed out to it in Thai.




It jumped off the ceiling just as Nam was walking underneath and almost landed on her. Nam is scared of them, so she screamed and ran away. Meanwhile, the gecko just sat there, no doubt shaken from the ten foot fall, but just staring at Mina. Eventually, it ran away to the counter.

Mina is generally unafraid of animals. Maybe she’s magic, too.

2 thoughts on “The Gecko Summoner

  1. Ever think about having Mina learn from MeiMei? Starting early from babyhood is how I learned lineage-based natural healing methods and the secrets of animal/plant communication as part of vibrational energy medicine training. It’s very rewarding in all ways and a lot of fun, too.

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