3 thoughts on “Max on Guitar – Live!!

  1. What a great way to begin our day with Max jamming on his guitar as Mina watches. The kid’s got innate talent and showmanship, that’s for sure!
    Your sister got a kick out of seeing how Mina’s fingers kept creeping up to touch the guitar which probably used to make him react with screams when he was a baby. He’s such a handsome big boy now! And Mina is everlastingly cute. The “touchy-touchy” reminded me of how you kids used to act, especially the younger two, “No, DON’T! It’s MINE!!!” Thanks for a wonderful video and memento.

  2. I swear he’s already working on bridging, a chorus, and even the beginnings of a bit of headbanging!

  3. Cosmic Buddha has a new lead guitarist! Taro just isn’t hungry any more. I hope I can keep up with Max.

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