Epic Dive

Mina was playing on the bed earlier tonight when she slipped off a stack of pillows and tottered on the edge of the mattress, with a two foot fall to the tile floor suddenly imminent.

I dove over the metal frame at the foot of the bed and made a blind grab for her leg just as she fell over backward, and ended up gripping her chubby little thigh… My arm automatically did a dumbbell curl and Mina twisted and hit the tile very lightly with her forehead, causing her to cry out in surprise.

She ended up crying for a whole 30 seconds or so (long for her) and promptly went back to jumping around on the bed, as I laid a sleeping mat down next to the bed and thanked whatever illustrious monkey in the sky that enables fat daddies to suddenly spring into action and prevent less desirable outcomes.

One Reply to “Epic Dive”

  1. Good catch, daddy! Now you know how people have been able to lift cars to save people.
    I swear that “5 Little Monkeys” game is both fun AND anxiety-provoking at times…

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