Samsung Kies Software

Is the worst piece of shit you ever did see. It’s super slow, bloated, and looks like the retarded monkey who decided on the design gave the job to a colorblind Amiga programmer.

Actually, I’ve never used any mobile phone/digicam/video cam maker’s software that was even close to being acceptable, but this Kies crap bundled with my Samsung Galaxy 5 is just laughably bad. Time to start up on my old desktop rig: FOUR TIMES longer than PhotoShop CS3.

This is just fucking unacceptable, shitty code. Shame on you, Samsung.

1 thought on “Samsung Kies Software

  1. I agree i have a galaxy tab 7.7 p6800 and the damned thing doesn’t recognize it !!!! I bricked my tab and can’t even restore it with kies that’s suppose to help to do it and odin same crap doesn’t work !! wtf ????? Samsung are thiefs !!!!!!!

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