3 thoughts on “Mr. Roach Rides the Lightning

  1. We share a hatred of cockroaches. Personally, I’m waiting for tech companies to perfect those little bug lasers. Make ’em small and battery-operated (or pluggable), and post ’em wherever bugs are most likely to break into the house. Program them to recognize an encyclopedic variety of bugs, then BLAM– let ’em do their evil work.

    No roach-on-a-stick in Thailand? In Korea, they’ve got “beondaegi,” i.e., steamed silkworm pupae, served in Dixie cups and eaten one-by-one like, oh, I dunno… like salted almonds, I guess. I’m told the protein is good for me. Mmm. Chitin.

  2. I’ve had the silkworms in Korea; they made good beer nuts. They eat all kinds of insects here including huge cockroach-shaped ones, but I’ve never seen actual cockroaches being sold or eaten, which means EVERYBODY hates them.

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