Max doesn’t like going to school

He will do anything to avoid going. Once he’s there, it seems that he has a great time, but he just hates going (this is how I felt about school at his age, too).

He is clever enough to say he is sick, and determined enough to say that he wants to go to the doctor and get a shot (!).

He will refuse food for over an hour, and then suddenly eat with gusto just as we’re about to go out to the car.

Once in the car, he will say he wants to eat this or that from a roadside vendor, or suddenly want to visit a specific place.

My favorite, though, is when he offered to stay home and clean his room:

Yes, I made him go when he was finished.

2 thoughts on “Max doesn’t like going to school

  1. Oh my baby boy, stay home with your meimei and grandpa and get an absolutely amazing schooling, just like your daddy had! And it is true; when your dad was a toddler, he hated Mommy and Me classes and would not let go of my pants for the first half hour.

    But the room looks spiffy! Good job, Max!

  2. If I go over to visit, can I keep Max home in MeiMei’s Private Preschool?

    I swear, he deserves everything you had and more. He might even be smarter than you! It’s a sure bet that Mina might egg him on to learning lots more with her sweet, competitive nature.

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