4 thoughts on “C. Buda’s Apresurada Reflexiones”

  1. Was this from a translation program? As I’m sure you know if you’ve tried Thai or Japanese, they’re often hilariously unreliable. I suspect the rendering should be more along the lines of “reflexiones apresuradas del Buda cósmico.” Unless “Cosmic Buddha” should be thought of more as a proper name, in which case “del” should be replaced with “de” and “Cosmic Buddha” should probably remain untranslated.

    I typed “cosmic Buddha” into the Google Translate window, which I’d set for “English to French,” and got the incorrect “cosmique du Bouddha.” It should be “(le) Bouddha cosmique.” Just a small example of how these things can go wrong.

    Réflexions hâtives du Bouddha cosmique!


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