Tobita Shinchi Rap

I’ve been wanting to post this video for some time now, but forgot where I put the link. It is, quite simply, brilliant:

For those who don’t know, Tobita Shinchi is one of the historical red light districts in Osaka. Located in Nishinari-ku, the brothels operate to this day, largely unaffected by anti-prostitution laws and the police. It is the largest brothel district in Kansai.

The equivalent of madames stand in the genkan (entryways) of their homes and beckon passers-by to come in with clapping and hand gestures, ostensibly “for a meal” where they might just happen to “hit it off” with one of the young women living there. This is how they skirt around the law.

Comparisons are often made between Tobita and Amsterdam, but I have to say that the former is not geared toward tourism – it’s scary walking down the small streets at night, and foreigners that hang around there are usually not up to any good. The safest way to check it out is by car, behind tinted windows. This often elicits the flashiest performances by the madames trying to get business.

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  1. I’ve been to Tobita Shinchi many times. Japanese red light districts try very hard to keep out foreigners. As a dark skinned gaijin, I’ve had some girls or madams look at me and simply say I’m sorry we can’t help you. Small red light districts like Shinodayama will NOT cater to gaijin at all. This is Yakuza enforced law, not police enforced. It has to do with turf and income. That being said, many of the girls in Tobita Shinchi will service gaijin. Some of the prettiest and youngest (about 16-18 year olds) may still decline or their madam may decline. However, most of the 20 somethings are game as long as you look like you can pay. The going rate is 11,000 yen ($110USD) for 15 minutes of full service. Better looking girls can charge more but, the most I’ve see is about 17,000 yen ($170USD) for 15 minutes. This price can be doubled for 30 minutes of full service. Most girls will try to talk a little bit. The clock starts from the time they take the money. They are usually direct and will instruct the buyer to take off his clothes once they return from depositing his money. Buyers have their genitals wiped down with a moistened antibiotic towelette, have a condom placed on by the girl, and are immediately given oral sex. When they are thoroughly aroused, full intercourse starts. Some girls will simply mount the buyer female superior style or some will ask the buyer to mount them in a missionary style. All positions are available, simply motion the girl as to where you want her and she will comply. After time is up, a bell will ring if the buyer has not finished, they will remove and dispose of the condom, re-wipe his genitals, help him put on his clothes, and walk you out and bow in deep gratitude as you leave. There are few experiences that will boost a man’s ego such as Japanese professional sex service.

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