The Boobie Mushroom and Leafy Mothra

Both recent finds when all I had was a crappy cell phone camera.

The boobie mushroom is the size of a large charsiu bau and appears after a heavy rain.

This is the first time I’ve seen this type of mushroom here and one can only wonder if licking the nipple would be deadly or not.

The leaf-winged moth AKA Leafy Mothra

I found Leafy Mothra in our driveway and captured it in an empty mustard jar for Max to see. He was duly impressed, as the entire body was blaze orange. Leafy Mothra was about 2″ long.

2 thoughts on “The Boobie Mushroom and Leafy Mothra

  1. Boobie mushroom has an inverted nipple, making it very hard for baby mushrooms to nurse. Poor frustrated baby mushrooms will cry a lot and get gassy and colicky so maybe this means Boobie mushroom is not safe to eat?

    But I love the Leafy Mothra! Blazing orange to attract attention and the brown leafy camo to blend in and hide? Very cool. Confused, but cool.

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