Chris Pongpitaya’s Supercar Knockoffs

…Because nothing says genuine 911 like a spoiler the size of a Cessna wing (and judging by the height of the hood, front wheel drive as well).

(thx Mark)

This video intrigued me so much, I had to dig around a bit. Here’s the juicy bits:

Here’s some alternate contact info I found; I have no idea if it’s correct.

Chris Pongpitaya Schoenes Co.
229/3-4 Soi Akamai 7, Sukhumvit 63
Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Phone +66 2392 4177

6 thoughts on “Chris Pongpitaya’s Supercar Knockoffs

  1. actually i know Chris personally, he never worked for ferrari but actually he was working for 11 years for porsche in the design and engineering department. a very clever man and i never met a person with more passion for what he does with a constant smile on his face , he is definately a legend.

    1. Hi mark,

      any idea how to get in touch with this guy? i am currently in bangkok, would like to have a car made 🙂 please let me know if you can help me further. thanks.


  2. Hi
    Could you please send me the telefon nr. or Email adress from Mr. Chris Pongpitaya or his son.
    Thank you
    Khun Rolf

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