WordPress: Configuration and Find & Replace

I’ve basically decided to break all hyperlinks from the past 7 years and am now publishing to the root of this site instead of the /blog directory. Screw it. It ain’t money to me, and everything going to /blog is getting redirected to / now. To be honest, I can’t be bothered with URL matching from my old MT blog to this new WP one. Like I said, screw it. Google can play catch up with their invincible green nanosecond cloud, and all the hotlinkers (some of them using my pics in their forum sigs for nearly seven years) can suck my /.

It was curious to see that there is no native Search and Replace tool in WordPress, but I found a couple plugins to do the job immediately:
Search and Replace (This one worked just fine for me.)
Search Regex Plugin (You can apparently use regular expressions with this one.)

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the complete absence of spam for the time being. It feels like 2003 again:

100% of my love...

1 thought on “WordPress: Configuration and Find & Replace

  1. Love it! Sometimes you have to do the deed and move onto a better future.

    Great pic of Max up on the bluffs of Seaside!

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