4 thoughts on “Max Says Yeah

  1. Should’ve asked him if *I’m* his favorite. ‘Cause then you would’ve known for sure, that he comprehends what “yeah” means…

  2. Well done. Max was in a compliant mood and you did a great job.
    I’m not sure he’ll keep his end of the agreement though. You were equally compliant as a cute little toddler, but wanted to do your own thing from an early age. Yeah.

    Why does Max have a shih tzu topknot? I used to do Killer and Pinkie’s hair like that but they kept pulling it out during wrestling matches!

  3. His teachers banded his hair together at school because they thought it was cute, but it was disturbing to me and Nam. Of course. he wouldn’t let us take it out until just before I shot this video.

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