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Someone needs sushi and a smile.

This photo is floating around the net today.

I wish my great grandfather, who had a photo studio downtown, had taken this… He was probably in the camps by then, everything he’d worked so hard for lost forever.

It’s incredible to think that we are still making some of the same mistakes to this day.

2 thoughts on “keep moving

  1. Yeah, I was writing an article about “EFT and War Veterans with PTSD”, specifically mentioning how it was growing up with a dad who was badly damaged by what happened to him and his family during the WWII relocation hysteria and resulting internment of Japanese American citizen behind barbed wires. Having to go to Europe with the 442nd Battalion to prove his loyalty to a disloyal US Government and witnessing the carnage at the orders of racist army commanders at Army HQ only made matters worse. Funny how we both were wrote about “camp”. You can see my article and the EFT Video for War Vets with PTSD at my site.

  2. It’s incredible to think that we are still making some of the same mistakes to this day.

    With regards to the Japanese, or with the Japanese in regards to everyone else?
    Hehe! I kid…sorry.

    My un-PC (though sympathetic) comments to one of your previous posts on this subject is here:

    The whole episode is puzzling. It would seem to me that the Japanese drew a raw deal of high talent (i.e. people want their ‘stuff’), but without the lobbying clout of other minorities (i.e. Jews as a group arguably posed a greater threat to the U.S. at the dawn of the Cold War than the Japanese during WWII, but they didn’t get locked up (which would be stupid anyway since locking up whole groups would appear to be, at best, nothing more than an excuse to run a super lazy security regimen)).

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