Friday finality

I think I’ve finally got this blog up and running the way it should be, so I feel great.

Woke up this morning, went to buy a traditional Isan breakfast of sticky rice and skewered BBQ pork, as well as some fried doughballs and a bag of rice porridge. Brought it all back home, got Max ready, and took him to school. Found a roadside vendor selling fresh durian and had him break down a small (~.75 kgs whole) one for Nam – she loves them (I merely tolerate them). Came home again to Mina babbling and scooting around madly on her baby walker. It’s been a perfect start for the day.

4 thoughts on “Friday finality

  1. Ypou are a better man than I…. I lived in Singapore for a few years, and try as I might… I just couldn’t get onsid with Durian. I got some cake one day from an emplyee who had a recent baby, and I thought I was going to die. In my travels about the world, I have had some seriously grim stuff in my mouth…. and durian will always head the list!.

    Great blog, I never miss it.


  2. I could get really thin by eating a diet of durian because it makes me seriously upchuck.

    That being said, your daily rounds of picking up yummy Isan breakfast goodies sounds so delicious….and then I remember the heat of the early morning sun.

    We miss Mina’s babbling and singing. Have her watch the Disney and Pixar movies so we can sing together, okay?

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