Oral candidiasis (oral thrush)

Mina’s got it, but we caught it early. The new nanny had seen it before and told us to get it checked out- yay for us finding an experienced nanny. The pediatrician started Mina on an oral course of nystatin; hopefully her whole mouth won’t turn to cottage cheese.
On a related note, Max’s cough is almost gone, which is a big relief. It took way too long for it to get better, and he’s been out of school for eight days now (this week the teachers were gone from Monday to Wed. to Udon Thani for a conference or something). Nam and I have been taking turns watching him and it’s a relief that he can go to school tomorrow so we can FINALLY GET STUFF DONE.

2 thoughts on “Oral candidiasis (oral thrush)

  1. One thing to consider if this becomes a recurring problem for Mina, is to get her blood glucose and insulin checked out, too. Yeast infections can also belie insulin resistance problems, too.

  2. Happy post, thanks.
    Congrats on getting a nanny with baby experience. Hope Mr. Maxie enjoys going back to school!

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