Mosquitoes Eating Fruit (Part 1 – Jackfruit)

In or new Thai house, we’ve noticed mosquitoes sucking moisture out of sponges around the sink area, or from damp towels or rags. I suppose this is normal behavior, but we never really noticed it until we lived in this house. The past year, we’ve started to notice them sucking on various fruits we leave out on the counters. I’ve decided to start recording these images because I feel there’s a greatly underestimated demand for knowing what mosquitoes that aren’t sucking blood are sucking.
In this case, it was jackfruit.

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restless night

Last night was pretty hard on all of us: The babies fell asleep waaay too early, meaning they were sure to wake up in the middle of the night and not sleep again until it got light. Then Nam came down with symptoms of food poisoning around midnight and started cramping very badly. She tried to tough it out, but at around two in the morning, she called her sister to come take her to the hospital while I stayed with the babies.
They gave her a muscle relaxant shot and she was instantly better. She was back at home a little after three. Both babies woke up and I fell asleep holding a hysterically grinning Mina on the couch. The rest is a blur, but there were definite times we had to take turns attending a crying baby while the other got some precious sleep. Tonight should be better.