serious growth

Mina could prop herself up before she was two months old… She could turn herself over as well, but only kinda by accident. This morning, she almost moved herself off the bed. She can see across the room, recognizes faces, and talks to you in long spurts when she’s so inclined… Other times, she wants to be held up so she can walk across the room.
She’ll be three months old on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “serious growth

  1. aaaarrrghhh, she’s so crazy! What a powerhouse of a baby girl, very much a happy little beautiful ball of energy.
    Max, look out because your Twin Star is almost ready to rock and roll. What a team! And they’re very compatible with each other.

  2. I’m curious about her temperament and personality. It seems that you’re very intuitive with her ability to let you know what she wants, which is great!
    Both kids are so same-same-but-different….

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