the roots of rivalry

Actually, they love each other – they just can’t stand each other a lot of the time.
These photos are nearly a month old, but I wanted some more photos of Mina in her cute pink onesies since she’s already grown out of most of them.

4 thoughts on “the roots of rivalry

  1. You might want to keep the cute onesies for Mina’s baby dolls and stuffed animals! For toddlers, it’s great small motor skills exercise, dressing and undressing their stuffed animals and dolls!
    Mom advice: Think twice before loaning your baby stuff away if you don’t want to see it disappear or get stained badly. You can give it away or sell it and say sayonara, but expect people to be human! I was big-hearted and loaned away my best baby stuff with promises to have it returned, and it was sold off instead, even with pleas and reminders to please return my best baby clothing! Lesson learned!

  2. Max’s expressions are priceless!
    Thanks for posting the photos. Babies grow all too quickly, or, if you’re up at 4 doing the zombie shuffle as they’re yowling on and on and on, maybe they grow too slowly…..
    No worries, you’ll be just fine, all of you!

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